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And the battle continues....

Posted by hope4delaney on April 9, 2009 at 9:23 AM

Well, things have been okay.....After the RSV battle and the return of TEAM BEAN from the completion of the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon, things were starting to look up. Delaney conquered the RSV and was back to her baseline. She continues to surprise us with her strong will and eagerness to do EVERYTHING!! (including all of the things she is not suppose to do...like open the cabinets and help herself to Riley's barbies.....that goes over real well.....) Delaney is not only walking all over the place, but now finds it funny to RUN from us. She tries so hard to move faster than her chubby little legs will allow, giggling the entire time. This usually happens when we catch her doing something she is not suppose to be doing. She definately keeps us laughing. She is also interested in table food. She really enjoys pancakes (of coarse loaded with butter) chocolate donuts, graham crackers, nutrigrain bars, and mashed potatoes. Anytime we sit down for family dinner, Laney is right there with us, experiementing with whatever we are eating that night. Its really funny to see her reaction to the different textures and flavors of things.  Hopefully she doesn't develop a bland sense of taste like her daddy :D. (That would making cooking twice as difficult)


After Riley finished up her second bout with croup in two months, Laney started with the groggy, runny nose, loss of appetite. We thought we were again, facing a battle with the bean. With the guidance of her pulmonary team a CHOP, we have again upped her PT and treatments to 4x's a day, hoping that this will clear any mucus that is trying to lay in her lungs as a result of a cold that is hanging around. It seems to be working though. She is still not herself completely but isn't worse. That's good enough for me today! We'll continue to do extra treatments and PT until we see a marked improvement. A visit to her pedicatrician yesterday was a good one. Lungs are crystal clear!! Weighing in at 19 lbs 11 ounces, our bean is on her way to (hopefully) a healthy spring! The lingering cold will be fought the old fashioned way this time. NO ANTIBIOTICS!!! Laney has had such a high amount over the winter that we and her docs are fearful of a tolerance or sensitivity building to them. If we can win this one without the meds, we'll be much better off.





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