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Winter 2011

Posted by hope4delaney on February 4, 2011 at 6:46 PM

Well I'm sure our winter has been just as stressful as everyone’s due to the weather. But for those of you with little ones, they are having the best time of their lives with all this white stuff. Laney had a recent appointment for a "regular" checkup with Dr. Sam at CHOP and we couldn't be more pleased with the results. Laney is still within the 50% for height and weight, which is the most they can ask for her with regards to growth. And as usual Laney puts on her show for everyone who will watch during all her appointments. We have also had some good luck despite everything Jil is still battling, with Laney not having had any "real" illnesses this winter.


Laney and Riley have had a blast out in the snow this winter sledding and playing in the yard. As you can tell, if you check the pictures, Laney was bundled up and like most her age, battled to just move around let alone run and play like her big sister.


Now for the hot topic of the moment, Laney is now "potty trained" by her standards and ours so far. We have had a week of "big girl" panties with no accidents including nap time. Laney only wears a diaper to sleep at night and most mornings has come running into our room dry. She is soooo proud of herself and so are we.


The only downside is the toys mommy promised her for enticing her to use the potty. Here is a quick breakdown of the toys she earned, and requested, while potty training. . . .She has gotten: 1.) a large yellow Tonka dump truck, 2.) a big, bright red fire engine,3.) a tape measure, 4.)a Home Depot tool belt and most recently 5.) a pair of roller skates. . . . 


 Now the last time I took her to get her present we wandered the isles of Toys R Us and upon walking down the "tool" isle she froze. Her eyes were as big as they were on  Christmas morning. She immediately said "Daddy, I want tools". So first she wanted a leaf blower, then a weed whacker, then a chain saw and lastly a track hoe, big enough to ride on. After a little convincing from daddy she got a tool belt.


The only thing better than seeing her in the tool isle at the toy store was seeing Jil's face when she came home to find Laney wearing her tool belt with tools, hard had and safety goggles after telling mommy previously she wanted a talking baby doll.


I hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather and staying safe. I'll be back with another Daddy update soon.



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