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Merry Christmas

Posted by hope4delaney on December 27, 2008 at 8:48 AM

Hope this message finds everyone enjoying their holiday.  We had a very exciting christmas. Riley and Delaney both were excited over the presents that santa left under the tree. Believe it or not, Laney actually ripped open presents and was playing all morning. 

She is now starting the "cruising" phase. Its the very early stages but its really funny to watch her standing and reaching for toys to walk towards.  She is still so tiny to be up on both feet and trying to walk.

We are battling the winter colds like everyone else.  Bean finished up 14 days of amoxocillin right before christmas due to some congestion and an ear infection.  The day after christmas we were back at the doctors for an ear infection in the other ear and even more congestion.....ugh! so now its 10 days of augmentin and additional chest PT/meds. So, as frustrating as this is for us, this is the hand we were dealt and we will manage.  Its funny how you overlook the little hills now.  Things just dont seem to be such a big deal anymore when you deal with a sick baby. 

As for Team Bean........New Jersey weather is horrible for training.  I am not a cold person. At all.  I really dont like when the weather is below 60. However, i stay in jersey for other reasons of coarse. So, running when its 20 degrees outside has not been fun. Ive taken to the treadmill at the gym for a few short runs but plan on venturing outside as much as i can.  its painful!

We are planning on renting an RV for our travel to Disney for the run in March.  We cant take the chance of traveling on an airplane with the baby. (they recirculate the cabin air, so its germ heaven.....) so the plan is to leave early Thursday morning and arrive in Disney sometime Friday. The run is Sunday so we have a day or so to relax.  Then our plan is to go to Fort Wilderness for a few days with the girls before we drive back home.

Hopefully, this plan is the one that will happen for us. But then again, we dont seem to be so lucky. Keep your fingers crossed.


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