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Summer Fun

Posted by hope4delaney on August 27, 2009 at 7:44 AM

I hope this entry finds everyone healthy and enjoying their summer. As we get close to the end of the season, i figured i would update everyone on all of the things that have been going on with Bean and the rest of us over the past few months.

The summer has been really enjoyable! We have taken full advantage of swimming at Bma and Bpa's pool and i think we have another fish on our hands! Laney LOVES LOVES LOVES the pool. She has no fear (like all toddlers) and would just walk right into the pool with no worries! Scares the be-jesus outta me! We have to watch this little one like a hawk with most things though, she is very very observant and curious. 


Bean met the Atlantic for the first time and liked it so much. We actually couldn't keep her out of the water! Everytime we would carry her out, she would turn right around and RUN right back into the surf.  We enjoyed a family vacation in Ocean City NJ. The girls played in the surf and sand then enjoyed nights on the boardwalk. It was an awesome time. From the looks of the pics, i think they'd agree!




Her vocabulary has increased. She says mama, dada, ra-ra (riley) lolli (lollipop), ball, nana (banana) pop-pop and of coarse NO....... she even has the head shake down too. makes for an enjoyable standoff when it comes to things little miss bean doesn't want to do.


She loves music. She will stop what she is doing if she hears a catchy tune and start shaking her little tush. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get a little singing out of her....well, what she believes is singing. its the cutest thing. She definately gets that from shadowing her big sister. Riley is always dancing and singing and doing cartwheels all over the place. Laney WILL NOT LEAVE HER ALONE!  Riley has been as patient as a 5 year old can be. She's doing a great job being the "mother hen " when Bernie or I are pre-occupied for five seconds.


Bean continues to have a healthy appetite. She is on whole milk four times a day but pretty much eats everything we eat. ( she gets up to 18 enzymes a day. We spead them out over the day because of her snacking and stuff but each bottle usually gets 3-4 depending on what she eats with it) She still really likes cheesey shells and yogurt but has taken an interest in pizza now. BUT - she has to now eat how everyone else eats, especially her big sister. Laney holds a slice of pizza like everyone else (smaller of coarse) and is just so so proud of herself. She seriously thinks she is a big girl too. This little one is stubborn but so focused and persistent. UGH......its exhausting!


We had a nice turnout for our fundraiser at the Riversharks game on Saturday August 22nd. We raised $640!!! COnsidering the weather was terrible, I am getting great feedback from those that braved the storm. This is  a video of Laney being recognized on the field before the start of the game. It was super cute. She danced a little and clapped her hands. Even blew a kiss to the crowd! I tear up everytime i watch it.

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 8/24/09


We head back to CHOP on the 1st of September for a check-up. Keeping our fingers crossed for clear airways and an increase on her growth chart. I hope everyone enjoys these last few weeks of summer and has a safe and happy school year.




Bean's Mommy


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